India Countdown

We are three days and a few hours from starting an amazing adventure!  We fly to India on Wednesday and will be in Udaipur on Monday 7 October.  Over the next while, we will write our blog and invite family and friends to follow as they wish.  We will also post photos.  Whatever the next period holds, it will be extraordinary!

5 thoughts on “India Countdown

  1. Sounds like a major adventure, look forward to following your experiences and insights, very good luck to both of you.

  2. The style of writing moves the reader on with great anticipation — it sounds fantastic (and obviously is!). Cannot wait for next update and more photos please

  3. How exciting! I shall look forward to tracking your progress from grey and rainy Surrey.
    Lucy worked for a month at Gwalior Children’s Hospital for a month in her GAP year. You can’t be far from there…Take care

  4. francette benichou

    We were in India in Jan.2000;it was an amazing experience .Please keep in touch I love to hear about you over there Francette

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